Most Common Foot Injuries


Your feet help you reach your chosen destination every single day. Regardless if you’re going to work or enjoying a day shopping, healthy feet will help you complete your tasks and reach your goals. However, there are many common foot injuries that could disrupt your day and your plans. By being aware of what some of these are, you can be better prepared to deal with any foot issues that may come your way.

Cuts and Bruises

Slipping and falling could cause a minor injury to your feet. You could experience a cut or bruise that isn’t typically considered to be serious, but should be taken care of for optimal results. Be sure to have any deep cut examined by a podiatrist to determine if stitches are necessary to help you heal quickly.


It might cause you some concern if the pain persists for more than a few days, your foot looks abnormally shaped, there is swelling in the area, or you cannot put any weight on it. If you stubbed your toes, rolled your foot, dropped something very heavy, or hit your foot against another object, these can all be indications of a broken bone. Some of the most common foot fractures include the ankle, the toes, the heel bone, and the talus (which connects the heel bone to the leg bones).


Sprains can be frustrating for any person to have to experience. This is the result of torn muscles and ligaments that may be painful. The common symptoms of a foot sprain may include bruising, swelling and pain.

It’s important to monitor how quickly your sprain begins to heal. Immediate treatment should involve rest, putting ice packs on the sprain and keeping your foot elevated. If you don’t see improvement within three to four days, you should consult with a foot specialist.

The professionals at Premier Foot recognize the importance of your feet and know that an injury may stop you in your tracks. Be sure to give us a call at (214) 778-1239 for a thorough examination to get the proper diagnosis and treatment for any foot issue that you have.


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