Podiatherm is a Minimally Invasive Treatment

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Premier Foot & Ankle, your expert Plano TX podiatrists, would like to take a moment to inform you about the benefits of Podiatherm. In the past, traditional podiatric treatments for plantar fasciitis called for invasive treatments (e.g. surgery). These treatments would take the patient off their feet for long periods of time. Other negative affects included the possibility of infection, and general discomfort.

However, Podiatherm has made the treatment of conditions like plantar fasciitis and heel spurs easier for patients. Podiatherm makes plantar fasciitis and heel spur treatment an outpatient procedure. Recovery time is limited to less than hours rather than weeks. And since Podiatherm is non-invasive, the risk of post-operative infection is completely eliminated.

How is this possible?

Podiatherm treats your foot nerve pain through radiofrequency. Surgery isn’t even a factor. However, local anesthesia is necessary to eliminate your discomfort while the Podiatherm treatment is underway. Since you will never see a scalpel, the treatment can be performed in the office and you can walk out mere moments after the Podiatherm treatment. There aren’t any post-procedure restrictions either, though you may feel sore for a couple of days after Podiatherm treatment.

How Podiatherm Works

Radiofrequency treatment targets the nerve, and temporarily shuts the nerve down. The offending nerve is unable to send pain signals, and so you are relieved of plantar fasciitis. Patients that have undergone radiofrequency treatment report their nerve pain ceased for months and sometimes even years.

You no longer have to suffer from plantar fasciitis! Schedule an appointment with Premiere Foot & Ankle today.


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