The Benefits of a Computer Gait Analysis

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Premier Foot & Ankle is a podiatrist in McKinney, TX. We offer custom orthotics, diabetic would care for feet, EPAT, gait analysis, laser treatments, reconstructive surgery, vein testing, x-rays and laser treatments for toenail fungus.

One of our specialties is computer gait analysis. A gait analysis is very beneficial for individuals and athletes. A gait analysis can help diagnose foot and ankle problems by analyzing the way an individual walks. It’s a great tool in helping doctor’s treat a wide variety of foot and ankle problems including bone spurs and tendonitis. A gait analysis can also help expedite the recovery time for athletic injuries such as sprains, hairline and stress fractures, contusions and Achilles Tendinopathy.

The reason gait analysis works so well is that each person’s walk is completely different. No two people walk exactly the same way. There are always slight variations in the length of an individual’s stride and the way the individual distributes their weight across their feet and from side to side. A gait analysis can track, measure and analyze all the factors in the individual’s gait and create custom reports that allow the podiatrist to tailor a specific treatment plan that meets the individual’s needs and allows them to heal faster and recover quicker.

Premier Foot & Ankle can help you with all your foot and ankle problems. We offer a wide variety of services including custom fitted orthotics, wound care, gait analysis, laser treatments for toenail fungus, treatments for ankle and foot nerve pain, reconstructive surgery to remove bone spurs and bunions, x-rays to diagnose hairline fractures and breaks and vascular testing. To get more information on our services or to schedule an appointment give us a call at 214-778-1239 if you live in McKinney or 972-424-8999 if you live in or around Plano.


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