Understanding Achilles Tendonitis

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At Premier Foot, we know that there are few things worse for a competitive athlete than a setback caused by injury. In many cases, these injuries are the product of repetitive stress or inadequate recovery time. Preventative measures should always be taken to avoid injury so consistent gains can be realized, but athletes should also understand that injuries are sometimes a part of training. When injuries do crop up, it is important to be able to recognize them early and to take immediate corrective action. This will reduce the chance that an extended recovery period or surgery becomes necessary. When it comes to the Achilles, it is especially important that Achilles tendonitis symptoms and treatments are understood, as further damage to this particular area can have long-term consequences.

Preventing Further Damage Reduces Recovery Time

One of the hardest things for a competitive athlete to do is rest. These types of athletes seem to be hard-wired to push the limits of their body, and that sometimes includes enduring the pain associated with a minor injury. The issue, of course, is that a minor injury will often turn into a major one if it is ignored for too long. Managing Achilles tendonitis symptoms and treatments is much easier in the early stages, whereas a delay may result in extended recovery time or surgery.

Discomfort in the Achilles Requires Corrective Action

Competitive athletes need to listen to their body. There is a very big difference between enduring muscle fatigue and enduring pain. One will result in performance gains, and the other will result in an injury that sidelines the athlete. Understanding that corrective action is necessary as soon as symptoms become present will go a long way toward accelerating the recovery process. When caught early, Achilles tendonitis symptoms and treatments will not cause the athlete to miss out on much training. If treatment is delayed, a much longer recovery will be very likely.

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