Understanding Morton’s Neuroma


Have you experienced pain or discomfort between your toes, a feeling as though you were standing on a pebble or a bunch in your sock? You could be experiencing the symptoms of a Morton’s Neuroma, a condition in which the nerve tissue thickens.

This is a common condition, often caused by wearing uncomfortable shoes, such as those with a tapered toe box or a high heel. Any shoe in which the toes are forced into a tight space can lead to the formation of a neuroma, which can range in symptoms from tingling, burning and numbness to intense pain.

Morton’s Neuroma and other specific neuromas can be easily diagnosed by experienced podiatry practitioners, based on a thorough history of symptoms combined with tests and manipulation of the foot to reproduce the symptoms in the office. Once the diagnosis is made, treatment can involve a variety of options. Speaking with a qualified medical associate, such as one of our Plano TX podiatrists, can lead to some simple methods to help control and reduce symptomatic pains.

Modifying your activities to avoid those that cause excessive pressure on the area affected by the neuroma is the first recommendation. Should this not provide sufficient relief, you can speak to the foot and ankle specialists in Plano about other treatment options, including custom orthotics, shoe modifications and medications.

Early detection is key to relief of Morton’s Neuroma pain. Once the condition has progressed to a certain level, invasive procedures may be required to resolve the issue. Speak to a Podiatrist if you feel you may have a neuroma or any other foot condition and get expert advice on pain relief and therapy. Contact our Plano podiatry clinic, and schedule an appointment to diagnose and resolve any foot ailments you may have. Call us today, or visit us online for more information.


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