Warning Signs of Heel Spurs

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Many young sports enthusiasts are trained to “play through the pain” and to dismiss moderate discomfort of the heel as part of the cost of playing. According to a recent news article, however, foot care specialists are warning against this cavalier attitude and encouraging adolescent athletes to heed the warning signs of ongoing heel pain. One condition that may be developing is called heel spurs, which we see frequently as McKinney foot care specialists at Premier Foot.

With Growth Comes Structural Changes

As young bodies develop, particularly in the critical ages between 6 and 14, the feet experience rapid growth, and the heel plate develops. While growth plate trauma is the leading cause of heel pain among adolescents, the condition can be tricky to diagnose. Some potential signs of heel spurs for parents to be aware of include a child with pain in the bottom or back of the heel, or a young person who limps, walks on their toes, or exhibits difficulty with normal recreational activities.

Treat the Condition Now

Socks help protect your feet from wounds and even blisters. What’s more, they actually wick away moisture. When moisture collects on your feet, it creates a breeding ground for bacteria and infection.

Treat the Condition Now

At Premier Foot we are skilled in diagnosing problems of the foot, whether related to heel spurs or other conditions. Fortunately, we have found, as the article notes, that many cases of foot pain can be remedied with treatments ranging from stretching and physical therapy to shoe inserts to help cushion foot impact. In some severe cases, the foot may need to be immobilized for a time, or may require surgery to remedy the problem.

Contact Premier Foot at (972) 424-8999 when you or your teen has difficulty walking or participating in sports, and schedule a thorough check-up to learn the best treatment options for the condition.

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