Sports Related Foot Injuries


Many people have reported a mysterious “buzzing” that feels almost like a cellphone is under their foot. It can be quite unnerving and worrisome to feel that type of sensation. The vibrating can likely be attributed to isolated nerve dysfunction (IND) as the cause. IND can be serious and long-lasting if not treated appropriately. Premier has put together this great guide to answer the mystery of the foot “buzz.”

What is IND?

The buzzing you are feeling in your foot is nerve damage that occurs on one single nerve. Injury or some type of infection typically causes the damage to the nerve. The swelling of the injury or infection causes the nerve to become entrapped or compressed. The signal to that nerve becomes disrupted and the brain cannot properly send signals through the nerve.

What Are the Symptoms of IND?

The symptoms of IND include a tingling or buzzing sensation in the area as well as a loss of movement and feeling.

What Causes IND?

More times than not, IND is caused by a direct injury to the foot. This includes a cut, trauma, or overuse which causes swelling. The most common foot injury associated with IND is common peroneal nerve dysfunction. This is nerve damage in the leg that can lead to a condition known as “foot drop” which is the inability to pick up your foot when you walk.

How Is IND Treated?

The treatment method for IND varies depending on the severity of the damage. In some cases, the nerve will recover and heal on its own. You may need physical therapy, braces, or corticosteroids injected into the area where the damage has occurred. Ask you Podiatrist and foot specialist about the best treatment options for you.

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